Permanent Recruitment

How long does it take to fill a position?

As a local firm specializing in administrative recruitment, we meet with and register candidates at all levels on an ongoing basis. The result is a strong network of contacts in our industry and the ability to assist employers with their recruitment needs quickly and within their timeline. While we are often able to find the perfect candidates for your position in our current network, we also perform a full search to source additional candidates including development and placement of recruitment ads, ongoing interviews with prospective candidates, and reaching out to industry associations relevant to your business.

Time. Reach. Longevity.

When an employer needs an employee, they want to find the absolute best person for their company. When recruiting on their own, employers typically place an ad and rely on that ad to attract the candidates they need. Unfortunately, all the top candidates may not be looking at employment ads on an ongoing basis. Working candidates may not reply to general ads due to confidentiality concerns or non-working people may be applying to positions where they know they will not be staying for the long-term.

Our consultants meet with people at all levels allowing us to get a true sense of where that person wants to be in their career. What motivates the candidate, what is their dream job and where they see themselves long-term are topics explored. With this information, we are able to make informed suggestions of people who we think will be happy and thrive in your role — it’s a win-win.

Are there any upfront fees?

No. We work only on a contingency basis. Whether you require a temporary worker or would like to engage our services to complete a permanent search, you pay a fee only if you hire one of our candidates.

How much does the service cost?

For permanent recruitment, we charge a one-time professional fee based on the candidate’s first-year compensation. Because we specialize, we are more efficient in our search process, which results in cost savings that we pass along to our clients.

What happens if an employee doesn't work out as planned?

Occasionally an employee does not work out or decides to move on to another position. For permanent searches we provide a six month guarantee so that should the individual resign or be dismissed within six months of the start date of employment, we will find a suitable replacement at no additional cost.