We are a specialist recruitment firm based in Atlantic Canada catering to the needs of a broad spectrum of clients throughout the Atlantic Provinces.

Focusing on a wide variety of administrative positions, we assist employers with the candidate search process and meet with qualified candidates looking for that next great opportunity.

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Why Choose Administrative Staffing?

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By focusing on our area of expertise, we know the industry, the market, and are able to provide your organization with the most current, professional and experienced administrative candidates.

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Quick Turnaround

On an ongoing basis, we meet with new candidates and build relationships with existing candidates. This allows us to manage your candidate search quickly and efficiently.

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Contingency Based

As a results-driven company, you pay no fees unless you hire one of our candidates.

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We are committed to a personal approach. By getting to know our candidates well beyond resumes and by paying close attention to their personal and professional aspirations, we are able to recommend candidates who will thrive in your role and your company.

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Whether your opportunity is a one week contract or a permanent role, our focus is on finding the absolute best candidate for your position and your company.